Eggs & Meat Chickens

    Sharing our love of farming with our neighbors and guests here at Fox Hollow is our passion. We strive, daily, to create a peaceful and harmonious environment that our friends, animals and plants can thrive in. Our farm is completely natural. We are not yet organic but we do not feed our animals growth hormones or feeds that are supplemented in any way. We love our animals, so when they are sick, we treat them in the least invasive way possible. Vegetables  grown on our farm are treated the same way. We create a healthy soil that the plants can thrive in without pesticides. Stop by and visit the market and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You will have the opportunity to purchase fresh-from-the-farm, healthy and tasty things to eat. 
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          Farm Market  Location and Hours        
​                                        Closed For The Week Of The Montgomery County Fair
​                                                                        August 14th thru August 22nd    
       21808 Woodfield Road                July 17th The Market Will Close At Noon!!
       Gaithersburg, Maryland 20882          Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 to 3
​       301-330-0165301-330-0165                   Closed Sunday & Monday

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Vince's favorite hen, Henrietta, walks by the market doors to greet guests visiting the farm.
"Weaver Of Soaps & Candles"

Soaps, lotions, candles and more, made with our very own herbs and farm products.

100% Organic Wool Available
  Roving, Yarn & Batting
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Pasteurized Milk Buying Club
Grass Fed Milk 
Jersey & Holstein Cows
Great Value For Amazing Milk