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Department 56

     Pasture Raised Hereford Beef

All natural beef raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, sold by the pound. All beef steers are raised on pasture and are not grain finished. Freezers in the market are stocked with a great selection. updated 9/28/2017

         Top Round Roast $6.90 per lb.
         Bottom Round Roast $6.90 per lb.
         Beef Hotdogs               $9.40 per lb.
         Chuck Roast                $8.85per lb.
         Short Ribs                    $7.95 per lb.
         Beef Brisket                 $9.40 per lb.
         Ground Beef                $ 7.95 per lb.
        Delmonico Steak 1"    $22.80 per lb.
        Porterhouse Steak      $21.80 per lb.
        New York Strip           $21.80 per lb.
        T-Bone Steak               $21.80 per lb.
        Sirloin Steak                 $16.80 per lb.
        Skirt Steak                    $12.80 per lb.
        Flank Steak                  $15.80 per lb.
        Hanger Steak               $12.80 per lb.
        Bags Of Bones             $10.00 per bag
        Marrow Bones             $6.80 per lb.
        Liver & Kidneys          $6.80 per lb.
        Tongue                         $12.80 per lb.
        Prime Rib Roast         $16.80 per lb.

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