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USDA Certified Goat Meat 
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South African Grass-Fed Boer Goats
Dry Aged For 3 Weeks

Goat meat, or Chevron, is low in fat and cholesterol. Begin adding Chevron to your weekly meals. We have listed some wonderful ways to prepare Chevron in our Recipes Tab. Our goal is to create an environment that allows our goatie goats to reach their full, meaty potential.We feed them no antibiotics, chemicals, or growth hormones. They thrive in large pastures and are allowd to roam, play and eat all the wonderful grasses (they love most weeds, tree bark and leaves too). We closely monitor their diets to make sure they are getting everything they need to be healthy, such as natural salts and minerals. From the time they are born to the time we send them to market, each goatie has a name and is treated like the sweet, friendly animal it is. A farmer was once asked how he decides which animal to send to market. The farmer answered with a smile that, of course, it would be the slowest one. We are a USDA certified farm. Our meats are flash frozen, meaning that the meat is instantly frozen, retaining all the wonderful flavors. Packaging is butcher quality and freezer ready. All animals that go to butcher are born on our farm. We do not purchase animals at auctions.
Our current prices are listed below for the meat we have on hand. Prices often fluctuate so please call ahead. Holidays are a very busy time for all of us, so please plan ahead. Our market goats are usually sold at less than 1 year of age and average 80 pounds on-the-hoof. We strive to keep 90% of what we sell in-stock. We look forward to helping you. 

Sold Out Of Whole Goats Until Late Summer 2024
Young Goat Meat Fox Hollow Farm Stock

Goat Meat - We are currently sold out of Goat till Fall 2024

Leg Of Goat $18.40 per pound
Stew Cubes Of Meat $18.80 per pound
Spicy & Sweet Sausage $20.40 per pound
Bags Of Bones For Broth $18.00 per bag
Liver, Heart, Kidney $11.40 per pound
Neck $9.80 per pound

Call farm market for up-to-date prices, they can vary.

* Meat Goats Sold By Live Weight $6.00 per pound, We Do Not Process Animals On Our Farm. We need to make an appointment at a USDA facility to process them. Please call us so an appointment can be made.