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Farm Raised Hens and Broilers
Eggs Eggs Eggs!!!Free Range, Soy Free

That's right we have wonderful, large, brown eggs that we take right out of our hens' nests. Our "girls" are free range, but we put them in a pen in the evening to protect them from the foxes (hence the name Fox Hollow Farm). The type of chickens we raise are called Buff Orphington. They are a very gentle breed and  make wonderful mothers. This breed is very old and throughout the years they have kept true to their wonderful nature.  Each of them eats an all natural feed that does not contain added growth hormones or antibiotics. Most of their meals consists of soy free natural feed, grasses, fruits and lots of salad greens.
Soup Chickens & Broiler Chickens 
Throughout the year, we raise broiler chickens for meat. Each bird is rasied on organic feed and are not given any chemicals or antibiotics. They are also free range, except at night when we lock them in their house. When ready, we take them to our butcher to be processed . What sets us apart from other farms is that each bird is vacuum packaged. We do not put our birds in a plastic bags, because freezer burn destroys the freshness of the meat. We hope that you will give our broilers a try; they make a wonderful meal.

Soup Birds Are Processed Monthly - Last Friday Of Each Month - First Come First Serve 
No Soup Birds - Feb & March
Buff Orpington Hen :