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Shepherdess Olivia Scuderi maintains her flock here on Fox Hollow Farm raising Hog Island sheep for meat and breeding stock. These sheep are an excellent source of meat that is harvest from her flocks excess ram lambs. When not going to school Olivia travels to fairs and livestock shows educating children and adults on this critically endangered breed of sheep. Currently there about 200 registered Hog Island sheep world wide. The meat provided by the ram lambs helps to sustain Olivia's flock of sheep. Registered Hog Island breeding stock is available for sale as is their wool.

Hog Island sheep are decendents of sheep brought to the New World back in the 1700's.
Flocks were established off the coast of Virginia on the barrier islands. One of those islands being called Hog Island.

The meat from our lambs and sheep have a very clean taste with a mint grass finish.
We have seeded our pastures with mint so the animals graze the mint along with the pasture grasses.
Hog Island Heritage Sheep & Lambs
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Heritage Meat From Conservation
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Cuts Of Lamb Available

Rack Of Lamb              $34.80 per pound

Legs Of Lamb              $21.00 per pound

Loin Chops Pk/3          $28.00 per pound

Ground Lamb              $18.40 per pound

Sausage Links            $22.00 per pound

Neck  & Shanks           $12.80 per pound

Lamb Shoulder Cubes $14.00 per pound

Liver, Heart, Kidneys    $9.80 per pound

Bags Of Broth Bones     $15.00 per bag

Raw Hides Not Cleaned  $45.00 per hide (Preorder Only)

Washed But Not Carded Fleeces $ 35.00